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Shine helps people make choices that are more Sustainable and better for their Well-Being. It’s a fun app that strengthens relationships and increases engagement. Join us and demonstrate your company’s desire to make the world a better place with Shine!

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User-Friendly App

Already in the palm of your hand, our fun and accessible platform keeps users moving forward and making positive change.

Mix & Match Content

Customize your app to fit your company’s brand and align with your company’s initiatives.

Inspirational Challenges

Let a little friendly competition and goal setting bring your employees together to accomplish more than they ever thought they could!

Measurable Impact

Get a clear picture of the impact your team is making and show it off to the world!

Build Your Culture

Promote your company’s values! Discover where your employees’ values intersect with your company’s mission and promote specific initiatives.

Choose from four content packs: Eco, Fitness, Nutrition, and Civic. Mix and match by picking the areas where you most want to focus, or take the holistic approach to a culture of well-being and pick them all!

Recognize exceptional employees and future leaders and reward them for their contributions.

Motivate with Challenges

Shine Challenges are easy to customize to your priorities and easy to conduct – no new hardware and no boring step counts.

Challenges provide a burst of inspiration that brings your employees together as they work towards a common goal.

Engage even the most reluctant employees. They won’t be able to resist when they see their peers making a difference!

Shine is Social

Prove your company is about more than the bottom line and bring your culture to life with shared activities, photos, comments, and likes.

Get to know others in your company even if they are not in your department. Get your whole crew pulling in the same direction toward your cultural goals.

Build camaraderie and compound your team’s impact as your team shares encouragement on your custom, private social network.

Engage with Mobile

Wellness actions happen everywhere, so use the device that everyone carries with them.

Invites, notifications, and encouragements are all handled by the beautifully designed app.

See the measurable impact of the individual, the team, and your company as a whole right in the palm of your hand.

How it works

Learn how you can use Shine to engage your organization:

1. Create Challenges

Encourage employees to make a difference with a Shine Challenge! Shine makes it easy to set up a Challenge for any initiative your company has.

2. Log Actions

Users record actions in the app as they do them. These actions earn points and achievements, and users make a positive impact on themselves and their communities!

3. See the Impact

At the end of the Challenge, everyone can see the collective impact earned through competition and goal setting. Plus, the new behaviors picked up by Challenge members stick around long after it’s ended.

Your Look, Your App

Show the world and your employees you care! Put an app customized to your brand in the iOS App Store and Google Play Store. Invite only your employees or expand your network to include friends, family, and suppliers and get everyone engaged!

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“The Challenge brought our employees together, enabling interaction between areas that never interact with each other.”

Erica Kose

HR Manager, KPIT

“We could not have been more pleased with our first Green Cup Challenge and are very excited about our future Challenges.”

Amy Petri

Communications Manager Office of Sustainability, City of Austin

“Part of being a successful B Corporation is having the engagement of the community.”

Liz Tracy

Director, HQ Raleigh


Featured by the iOS App Store on Earth Day for its engaging user experience and superior performance. Shine by JouleBug is proven technology trusted by the experts.

Friendly Competition

Challenges increase engagement, without getting too serious.

Content Breadth

Whatever interests you or your employees, we’ve got you covered.

Track Your Impact

Inspire teamwork by sharing your collective impact.


Employees share and support through your very own social network, while helping themselves and the planet.

Proven Technology

Featured on Google Play and three times by Apple on the App Store.

Your App in the Store

Show your employees you care with your own app powered by JouleBug’s technology.

Friends & Family

Extend your network beyond just your employees to get people engaged.

Easy to Set Up

Take control with our Dashboard, or let our Concierge Service make it easy for you.

Mobile First

Shine Apps go with you so you can play anywhere.

Solid Security

We take your users’ privacy very seriously.

Award Winning Design

JouleBug apps have been featured in the App Store and users love the experience.

Concierge Care

Want it to ‘Just Work’? Our Concierge specialists take the hassle out of decision making.

Prefer a human touch? Our friendly representative can show you how Shine can help you.