How Shine Works

Learn how the Shine platform helps you build the conscientious culture you want.

1. Create Challenges

Encourage employees to make a difference with a Shine Challenge! Shine makes it easy to set up a Challenge and customize it so it engages everyone.

2. Log Actions

Users record actions in the app as they do them. These actions earn points and achievements, and users make a positive impact on themselves and their communities!

3. See the Impact

At the end of a Challenge, everyone can see the collective impact of their Actions. This means new habits picked up during the Challenge stick around long after it ends!

The App

Learn about Shine’s fun and accessible app experience

Everyday Actions


Users log actions as they do them, and these actions earn points! Users can earn even more points when they log actions more often, log actions that make a big impact, or share their actions on the Shine network.

Friendly Competition


Users compete to take the most actions and make the biggest impact. This friendly competition gets everyone involved and having fun, and everyone reaps the benefits!


Sharing is Caring


Users share their actions on the JouleBug Shine network. They can see what sort of actions their peers are taking and be inspired, and get positive reinforcement for changing themselves and their community for the better.


Track Your Impact


Users’ collective impact is displayed clearly – they know how and how much their actions benefit everyone, and can set even more ambitious goals for the future!


What this means for you:

Future Leaders

Attract exceptional employees who can take a leadership role in building your company culture and making the world a better place for everyone.

Global Connection

Connect coworkers everywhere, and get them all working together towards a common goal.

Beautiful Experience

Put a fun, social, accessible app experience – featured by the Apple Play Store – into your employees’ hand.

Fits Your Life

No extra hardware to buy, install or lose. The power to make real, positive change is already at your fingertips.

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Content Packs

Shine has four major content packs to choose from



Physical fitness too often seems time-consuming, intimidating, or just boring. Motivate employees to get active in small steps that work for them, without pressure or judgment.



Resource conservation doesn’t have to be complicated. Shine’s Eco content pack helps employees find out what they are already doing, and what other small steps they can take to protect the planet.



Eating better doesn’t have to feel like a chore. Employees can get inspiration from their coworkers and expand their horizons with new dishes that are both healthy and tasty!



Our communities need our help, and giving back will help your employees feel better about themselves and more proud of their company and community.

What this means for you:


Everyday Habits

Small changes lead to big results. Get employees working together to change their habits gradually and reap the major benefits that come from their collective effort.

For the Masses

Nothing complicated! No barriers for employees to clear – just install the app and get started!

Mix and Match

Choose only the content packs that will most engage employees, or pick them all and see the positive change in your overall culture.


Create a personalized app that matches your company’s brand and values.


Learn how Shine uses Challenges to motivate healthy behavior

Competitive or Goals

Competing for the top spot or working together to accomplish a goal achieves high motivation.

Targeted Action

Customize your challenge focus to fit your company’s initiatives.

Team Options

Create teams with existing rivalries, let leaders recruit, or have everyone compete as individuals.


Reward the top individuals and teams, or anyone who passes a threshold.

What this means for you:


Motivation that Works

More than just numbers on a screen!  The app provides a fun, shared experience that brings everyone together and lifts everyone up.


Bring your employees together and get them working towards a common goal, regardless of their location.

Get Talking

Get tangible feedback on your employees’ interests and values.

Event Driven

Coordinate your challenges with specific events and initiatives. Challenges last as long and happen as often as you and your employees want.

Learn more about Challenge options

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Shine’s portal to analyze and customize your organization


See readable, up to date information on your overall impact and progress.


Get in instant contact with your employees to let them know about challenges and initiatives, or give a word of encouragement!


Customize the app to match your company’s brand and values.

Concierge Service

Get the help you need, no matter how big or small the question.

What this means for you:

Measure Impact

All the information you need to know you are making a big impact, right on the screen.

Show Off

A wealth of content to share with employees and customers to show how much of an impact your company is making.

Knowledge is Power

Find out what works for your company and use it to improve your policies and initiatives.

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See what people are saying about apps powered by Shine

“The Challenge brought our employees together, enabling interaction between areas that never interact with each other.”

Erica Kose

HR Manager, KPIT

“We could not have been more pleased with our first Green Cup Challenge and are very excited about our future Challenges.”

Amy Petri

Communications Manager Office of Sustainability, City of Austin

“Part of being a successful B Corporation is having the engagement of the community.”

Liz Tracy

Director, HQ Raleigh

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