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Shine has four major content packs and hundreds of well-being actions.



Physical fitness too often seems time-consuming, intimidating, or just boring. Motivate employees to get active in small steps that work for them, without pressure or judgment.



Resource conservation doesn’t have to be complicated. Shine’s Eco content pack helps employees find out what they are already doing, and what other small steps they can take to protect the planet.



Eating better doesn’t have to feel like a chore. Employees can get inspiration from their coworkers and expand their horizons with new dishes that are both healthy and tasty!



Our communities need our help, and giving back will help your employees feel better about themselves and more proud of their company and community.

How Shine works

Learn how Shine can engage your organization to improve their well-being:

1. Create Challenges

Encourage employees to make a difference with a Shine Challenge! Shine makes it easy to set up a Challenge for any initiative your company has.

2. Log Actions

Users record actions in the app as they do them. These actions earn points and achievements, and users make a positive impact on themselves and their communities!

3. See the Impact

At the end of the Challenge, everyone can see the collective impact earned through competition and goal setting. Plus, the new behaviors picked up by Challenge members stick around long after it’s ended.